Friday, May 18, 2007

Host Mouth receives 1st Mention

I am happy to announce that The Blog Hog has made a nice mention of my new blog and i have to say it feels good to be talked about, thanxs Sandy for the post and the link love, may it be returned to you ten fold. If you would like to see your site or blog mentioned, just ask Sandy, she loves to talk about other bloggers and their blogs. From my reading and research it is good to get link love because incoming links to a site or blog help alot with getting ranked well with search engines and for rank popularity.

If you run a hosting related blog, feel free to leave a comment, and i will be sure to mention you here at Host Mouth, i am officially declaring Fridays as "Link Love Friday".


Ginene said...

Like your linky love Friday name. Pretty cool. I like fighting fatigue as well.

m38967 said...

hi---ginene: thanxs for stopping by. i'm so busy trying to get this blog up and running. blogging is hard hard work but fun fun fun. lol

thanxs for the tip on sandy.